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Adam & Eve’s

Adam & Eve’s Broken Bow is a laid-back restaurant located strategically across from the Beavers Bend entrance in the Broken Bow region of Oklahoma. It is an American-themed café whose specialization in espresso affairs is technically unmatched. From the outside, it is a coffee shop like any other. However, the inside tells another story that you will truly adore. Here’s what to expect from Adam & Eve’s.

Home of the Best Crafted Coffee

Coffee and espresso are the languages Adam & Eve’s understand best. It is home to the best-crafted coffee there can be. The restaurant is armed with full coffee and espresso menus with a variety of shakes, cappuccinos, and flavored lattes, among others.

If you are touring Oklahoma and in need of a good place to kick start your day positively, look no further. Adam & Eve’s is here to make sure every moment of your holiday counts. A single serving of the latte of your choice is enough to see you going for the better part of the day.

These drinks are served in three main sizes, small, medium, and large. Pick whichever suits you best and get going. Lattes and cappuccinos come in different flavors. Salted caramel, Irish cream, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon are a few of the flavors in a long list. Blended drinks and smoothies are also available.

More Than Just Coffee

If the outside appearance and branding are anything to go by, one can easily conclude that Adam & Eve’s is precisely a coffee shop. While coffee is the main item on their menu, there is more to it than just coffee. The restaurant serves both breakfast and lunch, which shows its diversity aspect.

The breakfast menu feels more like a brunch than an actual breakfast. Usually, coffee is served with waffles, bagels, and croissants. However, if you are willing to take things a notch higher, there is a whole pool of options to explore. From sandwiches and wraps to salads, pick what you prefer as you sip your chocolate-covered expresso to the last drop.

Laid-Back Atmosphere

Even in a world filled with thrill and technology, this restaurant has chosen to stick to the past and it has worked for them. Not everyone wants the hype and chaos associated with modern-day holidaying outlets. It is for that reason that Adam & Eve’s is what it is today.

However, the laid-back atmosphere doesn’t mean that the services are below par. Staff members are very professional in their service delivery. The relaxed feel from the inside makes the expresso even tastier.

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It is not every other day you come across a coffee shop with the detail of Adam & Eve’s. If you want to stay in Broken Bow for a few days to enjoy this place and more, we’ve got you covered. Make every moment of your Oklahoma vacation count by contacting us for luxury home rentals.