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Hochatown Petting Zoo

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Lying a few miles from Broken Bow Town, Hochatown Rescue Center and Petting Zoo is a family-friendly attraction housing barnyard animals, reptiles, and exotic birds. This exciting attraction offers a learning experience for both kids and adults. You can visit with your family and enjoy the family-friendly setting catering to kids. Hochatown Petting Zoo has a rich history of rescuing animals, primarily animal babies. These rescued adorable critters are rehabilitated, and some are released back to the wild once they fully recover. If you’re interested in having an educative visit while in Broken Bow, then Hochatown Petting Zoo is the ideal spot to do that. Here are more reasons to visit this place.

Hochatown Petting Zoo Will Warm Your Heart

Broken Bow guarantees numerous attractions to explore, and as much as all these landmarks are exciting and magnificent in different measures, Hochatown Rescue Center and Petting Zoo stand out from the rest. This unique landmark imbues a sense of humanity from its philosophy to its physical existence. And as if that’s not enough, Hochatown Petting Zoo houses different animals. You can pet these animals and learn more about how they got rescued, a unique experience hard to find in other attractions around the area.

This petting zoo in Hochatown has diverse animals, from guinea pigs to an adorable one-legged Canadian goose; there’s even a harnessed zebra. Kids love every second spent with these cute creatures by calling out the animals by their names while petting them. Exotic birds also add a unique touch to the park through their hypnotic sounds when interacting with patrons. You also don’t have to be scared since the friendly staff is close by to offer a hand of guidance in case you need it.

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Did you know opossums can have as many as 20 babies at a go? Well, as interesting as this fact may seem, it’s just a scratch on the surface of the zoo’s animal knowledge. Hochatown Petting Zoo staff provide these facts to visitors, especially kids. Through this, you and your family enjoy the views and the animals’ company while acquiring knowledge of the area’s fauna. Apart from that, the zoo recently inducted a new member to the family, Eloise, a zebra, further improving the center’s diversity.

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Broken Bow is full of exciting landmarks that stand out and make it claim a stake as one of America’s top travel destinations. One of these attractions around the town is Hochatown Petting Zoo, a sanctuary for rescued animals where you and your family can learn more about the area’s animals, including exotic birds, after a thrilling adventure in the nearby Beavers Bend State Park. If you’re searching for such an experience in Broken Bow, reach out to us, and we’ll give you amazing deals for vacation rentals.