Vacationing in Beavers Bend isn’t about its thrilling landscapes alone. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to explore the region’s breweries. Craft beer has gained a significant following in southeastern Oklahoma. At the center of your craft beer experience in Oklahoma is the iconic Beavers Bend Brewery. It is the perfect place to sum up your adventure. Here’s all you need to know about Beavers Bend Brewery 

Great Atmosphere for A Beer 

Talking of a great atmosphere for a beer, not many places can match the levels displayed at Beavers Bend Brewery. First, it is located in a strategic part of the city, giving you a unique view of its nature trail. Within the facility is a balcony where the taproom is located. Sitting up there on the patio sipping a cold beer as you watch over the Hochatown strip is such a satisfying experience.  

Includes a Taproom 

In recent times, there has been an increase in the demand for beer on taps. Even when it is the same product being sold, there are certain beliefs that surround beer taprooms. Since its introduction in the facility in 2016, the firm has witnessed a steady rise in revenues, meaning locals love it more. If you ever wished to interact with locals in Southeastern Oklahoma, the taproom is the place to be. Here, there is enough beer for you to sample and socialize with locals as part of your adventure.  

Operates All-Year Round 

When are you planning to fly out to Oklahoma for your vacation? Beavers Bend is one place that knows no season. There is always a beer for you to sample regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. What varies is the operating time depending on the season. Weekends see an influx in the number of people arriving at the brewery which explains the increased hours. Be it summer, winter, or spring, all seasons are good for you to sample a cold beer from Beavers Bend Breweries.  

Book Your Oklahoma Vacation Homes 

Your beer sampling experience in Beavers Bend Brewery comes at the tail-end of your Oklahoma adventures. During the preceding days, you will have a lot in store to explore. With the multiple nature adventures that await, you will need a comfortable place to call home. Our team at Vacana is here to ensure you get the best that Oklahoma has to offer. Our detailed website should be your first stop in identifying a suitable holiday home. Contact us today for more information.